Ever increasing trend of office space health

Continued research is making stronger links between the amount of time we spend at our desks and long term physical injuries we sustain. These links include: Bad posture causing back issues, shortening and tightening of muscle groups causing strains and tension issues, and neck pain from incorrect angle of sight of a PC/laptop monitor. These injuries develop over time after sustained periods of time sat at a desk or in back to back meetings.

Companies are adapting their office environments to increase physical movement without affecting work effectiveness. Techniques being used include: the installation of desks that can be used while sitting and while standing, creating workout/yoga/stretching areas in the office, investing in chairs that are ergonomically better for the user, and providing in house physiotherapy and massage therapy. There are many more techniques and procedures being used to assist health in the office environment.

Gyms are now starting to offer hot desk style work areas to allow people to get a workout done and get some work completed during times such as lunch breaks.
If you would like to know more about this topic then please don’t hesitate to ask your back into motion physiotherapist or masseuse.