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Uses movement and exercise, manual therapy, soft tissue massage, education and advice, acupuncture, laser, ultrasound, TENS, rehabilitation, dry needling and kinesiology taping to aid full recovery and return to normal function.

Back Into Motion provides clinically effective and evidence based treatments for a variety of musculo-skeletal, rheumatological, orthopaedic and diabetic conditions. It provides ante-natal, post natal and womens’ health care. Examples of this would be sports injuries, broken bones and Tempro-Mandibular Joint dysfunction.

Pilates is a fitness system developed in the early 20th Century by Joseph Pilates. It involves strengthening of core, rotary stability and global stabilising muscles to improve posture and balance. It emphasises spinal and pelvic alignment with stress relieving capabilities and clinical Pilates for rehabilitation. Back Into Motion provides one on one sessions.

‘Urinary incontinence affects 30-50% of childbearing women by age 40. Up to 63% of stress-incontinent women report their problem began during or after pregnancy.’ (

Back Into Motion provides confidential and specialised treatments for female urinary incontinence. The techniques vary from pelvic floor muscle exercises, advice and education to muscle stimulators to resolve this problem.

Physiotherapy home visits, by appointment, for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, post amputations, neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis and following orthopaedic surgeries such as hip and/or knee replacements.

The house visits are to help patients who would struggle to get to the clinic and provide them with specialised care within the comfort of their own home. These appointments may also be appropriate for patients who require some balance retraining or general strengthening in order to keep their mobility and independence.


Acupuncture originating from China, thousands of years ago to treat a variety of conditions and involves the use of meridian lines for point selection to insertion of a needle. The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that it is effective for treatment of 28 conditions.

Dry needling is an effective treatment for muscle tension, trigger points and spasms throughout the body involving insertion of a needle into the affected muscle. It is an alternative natural healing remedy, used as an alternative medical treatment via insertion of a needle along.

Prior to initial treatment written consent will be obtained and verbal consent for each subsequent session along with the appropriateness of acupuncture as a treatment technique.Information and advice will be given prior to treatment on effects, possible temporary side effects, deqi and local twitch responses via neuro-physiological responses, the procedure, the number of sessions and duration of each session. The number of sessions is dictated by the clients’ neuro-physiological response and nature of the condition for treatment. Each session usually lasts between 20-30 minutes.

Is an internationally used treatment technique to allow normal kinetic movement faster via the application of tape to activate and optimise the body’s own healing processes and reduce inflammation.

The faster people can move in a normal functional movement pattern, within the boundaries of healing process, the better the micro-circulation of blood and lymph the faster healing will occur.

Examples of the effects of this treatment technique include relief/elimination of pain, improved micro-circulation, elimination of oedemas, improve muscle function and tone, allow full active range of movement (where appropriate) and improve proprioception.

Manual therapy involves ‘hands on’ treatments and describes a broad range of treatments including soft tissue massage, muscle energy techniques, joint manipulation and mobilisations. These treatments are designed to promote normal spinal and pelvic alignments as well as reduce muscle tension and trigger points.

Promotes tissue healing and repair, reduces pain through machine based treatments. Back Into Motion provides ultrasound, TENS and laser care. These can be used to treat a variety of conditions and will speed up recovery.

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