The Importance of a Strong Gluteus Medius


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Gluteus Medius Facts…

  1. The primary role of the gluteus medius is to act as a multi-planar hip stabilizer
  2. A stronger gluteus medius means better landing, running and squat mechanics
  3. Activation and strengthening of the gluteus medius is key to preventing pain and injury in your lower body.
  4. Inhibition of the gluteus medius has been shown to contribute to lumbar spine, hip and knee pain and even Achilles tendinopathy. Even without pain it can contribute to knee valgus and increase your risk for ACL injury.
  5. Strengthening your glute medius can help your glute maximus function better. And if your glute max is working better, you body will perform better!


Figure (A) showing an example of a strong gluteus medius

Figure (B) showing an example of a weak gluteus medius







Based on EMG data these are the main four exercises  training gluteus medius.


1️⃣ Side Bridge
2️⃣ Single Leg Squat
3️⃣ Single Leg Deadlift
4️⃣ Pelvic Drop